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A Load of Crap?

Tanya Crane - Friday, January 27, 2017

NSW is charging livestock carriers $550 for minor effluent spillages, and has the potential to go nationwide.

At Crane Livestock Transport (CLT) we believe the livestock transport industry has been very proactive in reducing the amount of effluent on our roads. This was done without any legislation being put in place!

Go back a 'few years' when livestock trucks didn't have any effluent tanks and primary producers would move their livestock along the roads!

We see this as nothing more than another excuse by the government for a money grab.

We would like to see 'effluent dumping stations' being put in along major routes travelled by livestock carriers at least.

Then if it's proven carriers are not using them when required, then impose a fine. Seems to us to be a much fairer system.