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Hay Run

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21 January 2021

Happy New Year 2021 

2021 has started off a bit ordinary with the Blackford Fires.

Blackford/Lucindale area was affected by a bushfire on the 11/01/2021 that started at the Mount Scott Conservation Park east of Kingston SE, before being pushed by strong north-westerly winds towards Lucindale & Naracoorte.

The fire ended up burning around 14,000 hectares, unfortunately houses, sheds, farming land and equipment was destroyed. Thousands of sheep & hundreds of cattle perished in the fire also. Very fortunate that no human lives were lost.

We were very lucky that the CFS, water bombers & volunteers jumped into action so quickly when it all started, to get the fire contained.

On Tuesday an investigation was done & later confirmed as non-suspicious.

On Wednesday the 13/01/2021 talk started about how to help the farmers in need that were affected by the fire

Adam Smith from Mount Gambier gathered an idea, speaking with other locals, about getting a Hay Run together to deliver to the farmers in need to help feed their surviving stock.

Within 3 days of the fire being put out, Adam had spread the word as far into Victoria to see who would be willing to donate and volunteer their trucks and time to deliver Hay to Lucindale.

With an absolutely outstanding effort, there ended up being close to 70 trucks & vehicles in a convoy to Lucindale, starting from our depot in Naracoorte on Kingston Ave (heading out to Lucindale) where they all gathered on Saturday morning 16/01/2021 at roughly 9am to start the journey following one another into Lucindale.

The trucks started heading out of the depot following one another all the way to Lucindale. The Main street, was lined with the Lucindale locals cheering, clapping, yelling out thank you and holding up thank you signs as the drivers made their way through the main street. It was a tear-jerker an unbelievable gesture on so many people's behalf giving up their time to do this.

The trucks & vehicles were unloaded at the Lucindale Field Days site, by local farmers & residents that brought their tractors in to help.

Crane Livestock was honoured to participate in such a wonderful community effort of supporting our local farmers in their time of need. 

Our thoughts go out to anyone that was affected. 

Drone Photo from Jack WatsonOur Driver Nathan in the convoy heading to Lucindale